Rafael Levchin
My life in the world
"Sometimes it seems I'm on the wrong planet!
Of course, everybody can say that...
But what about me?"
Rafael Levchin
Poet, Artist, Publisher
"I am completely obsessed with archetypes: mask, Great Goddess, centaur, fish, warrior, demon, tower, labyrinth, circle, spiral—and their combinations. The mask stands out especially, because nearly everything in our life can be—and most often is—a mask.
And so I try to incarnate them in ceramics, collages, drawings, hand-made books, texts and so on.
From the very first moments the process of transforming material (clay, paper, wood or word) into something living fills me with a sense of magic, and I love that energy, even though I know all too well how deceptive it is and how often the end product is only another golem.
This obsession, grounded in my memory, experience, imagination subsists in everything that I have been able to produce, at times mixed with dark humor, but occasionally tinged with the vivid colors of love, because I love my wife, my children, my city, my country, my planet and my galaxy."
Rafael Levchin was born on the Crimean Peninsula, USSR, in 1946, studied in Leningrad and in Moscow (Literary Institute); from 1970 to 1991 lived in Kiev;
since1991 lives in Chicago, USA, as a typical cosmopolitan.has been in the underground art-groups: group of poets "postfuturists" (renamed "metarealists") 1976-1983; underground theatre Chen-Dziu, 1982-1988; group of poets and artists 39. 2° C, 1984-1988;  intermedia group Glossollalia, 1985-1991; a small theatre of universal importance, Theater Club from 1985, then Neomythological Theatre, now International Theater Ensemble and Cassandrion from 2000,
worked as a chemical engineer, archeologist, graphic designer, lecturer, stage worker, actor, literary consultant, editor of informal press, 
writes poetry, prose, plays, scripts, essays; translates from Ukrainian, Polish, Slovakian, English. 
was published in Anthology of the Russian Vers Libre, Anthology of Unusual Stories, Time CH, etc, also in magazines and almanacs: Znanie-Sila, Literary Atelier, New Circle, Fantakrim-MEGA, Mnogotochie, Oykumena, Commentaries, Stethoscope,Chernovik, etc, as well as in the Internet,
worked in the visual arts, ceramist, graphic, visual poet, and book-artist. 
Works in private collections in Moscow, Kiev, Krakow, Bruges, Chicago, Miami, Mexico

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